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Michael J. Ries (BS'90) of  Illinois, e-mails that he is currently a patent attorney in Chicago. The firm specializes in both international and domestic patent and trademark matters. Ries invites visitors to his website for some great intellectual property information and e-mail messages at

John P. Wilson (BS'43) of Dallas, Texas, writes that he sold his business in 1993 and now as a retiree spends the summers in "cool Colorado" in the San Juan Mountains. He also reports that he enjoyed reading the spring ME Newsletter and that his last visit to Madison was for Dean John Bollinger's retirement party.

Yu-Sun Tang, (MS'48) and his wife, Lillian, of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by visiting their first home in Gainesville, Florida. Tang retired as an advisory engineer from Westinghouse after 21 years and was an adjunct research professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Both Tang and his wife are natives of China but met as graduate students at the UW.

James S. Carroll (BS'49), chairman of the board of Black Brothers Company in Mendota, Illinois, has donated $10,000 to the new Mechanical Engineering Building renovation and construction project.

Bruce Brunette (BS'69) e-mails that he is currently president of On Sync Corporation, a reseller of network storage products and Sun systems. He resides in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Richard Meyst (BS'71, MS'72) is vice-president and grant principal investigator of Fallbrook Engineering in Valley Center, California. The company is a contract product development, management, and engineering services company serving healthcare companies worldwide.

Mike Schneider (BS'72, MS'74) of Dearborn, Michigan, e-mails some ME memories: "I wanted to thank you for the photo and article about T-27 in your last newsletter. It brings back fond memories for me. Of all the test and research laboratories in Mechanical Engineering, T-27 felt most like home to me. I was a teaching assistant for Professor Archie Easton in Vehicle Dynamics at the time. We kept our test car, a '61 Chevy wagon, and truck, GMC Military, in T-27. Our SAE group hosted annual gymkhana races and we welded up a tube frame, Corvair-powered, race car out of electrical conduit tubing in the back of T-27. During Engineering Expo, I demonstrated 5 mph 'water bumpers' by driving a '62 Impala across the front of T-27 into concrete blocks and dramatically splashing water high into the air.

"I have been working as an engineer on vehicles ever since, settling in noise and vibration measurement, currently in the newly established Visteon spin-off of Ford Motor Company. It is great to hear that the UW students are still competing successfully with vehicle projects and that there will be a new lab for this work."

Gabriel Rueda (BS'85) of Marietta, Georgia, e-mails that she is currently project manager of new product introduction at Nortel Networks. She earned her MBA in 1996 from Kennesaw State University. "I recently accepted a position in the Access Networks sector of this telecommunications equipment manufacturer. Nortel is involved in next generation, high-performance, all-fiber-optic Internet infrastructure industry."

Andrea Keller (BS'95) is currently a manufacturing engineer with General Motors Corporation on their Quality Engineering Team at the Janesville Assembly Plant. She resides in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Mark Rekowski (BS'99) has accepted a job with the Trane Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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